About Us

Welcome to Kate's Dairy Free Cakes!


We offer Delicious, Decorative, Dairy-Free cakes

for any occasion.


Our story began in 2014, because as a vegan, I found that the choice of dairy-free cakes on the market was limited, and often very disappointing. I've always had a passion for baking and have quite a creative flair (or so I have been told) and so it made sense to combine these skills. The result has been delicious cakes, just without the dairy!


I love the surprise people have when they discover that dairy free alternatives can still both look and taste amazing and my hope is for Kate's Dairy Free Cakes to surprise many of you.


Whether you are choosing dairy free due to lactose intolerance, because like me you are a vegan, or simply because you like to be totally sure what ingredients have been used to make your cake. You can trust that with Kate’s Dairy Free Cakes, you're getting something that is special and is made by someone who cares.


Should you not find the design you want, or you are after a cake unique to your occasion then please do not hesitate to get in touch here and I’ll be happy to help with your request.

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